You can find the research topics that I am willing to work with undergrad or MSc students for thesis or independent research projects. These projects require fulfilling the below items, though not necessarily all of them.

  • interest in robotics, cognitive and computational aspects of brain mechanisms (e.g., vision, representation, decision making), and machine learning.
  • experience in software development tools, environments, and programming languages: GNU/Linux, Git, ROS, PyTorch, TensorFlow, NuPIC, Python, C++, and The Neurorobotics Platform.
  • willing to publish in conferences and share the project outputs in public repositories.

0- Multimodal object representation for recognition, detection, and classification
1- Model-based reinforcement learning for navigation in a simulation environment
2- Object-tool-action prediction for a humanoid robot in a coworking scenario
3- Mathematical formalization of HTM’s temporal memory
4- Functionalist and physicalist interpretations of emotions for robots
5- Propose your own project