Human-Robot Interaction, Summer Semester 2021
In this seminar, the current research studies on human-robot interaction will be introduced. The focus will be on interdisciplinary approaches between psychology and computer science. Additionally, the Pepper humanoid robot will be available (depending on the Covid regulations) for designing and performing HRI experiments.

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Students: 25 (mostly) M.Sc. students

Machine learning in robotics, Winter Semester 2020/2021
In this seminar, current topics and methods of machine learning with application in robotics are discussed. In particular, we deal with new developments in the area of deep learning and their applications in robotics.

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Students: 25 ((mostly) undergraduate and M.Sc.) students

Multimodal machine learning, Summer Semester 2020
This seminar introduces the foundations of multimodal machine learning and their applications on simulated and actual robot platforms. It covers the basics of machine learning, preliminary concepts of sensors (e.g., depth and color cameras, IMU, position encoders, etc.), sensor fusion techniques, specifications of robot platforms (e.g., Nao and the Pepper) and simulators. Students will work in teams on a topic in (deep) multimodal learning for robotics, and present their experimental results in oral presentations and written reports.

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Students: 25 (undergraduate, (mostly) M.Sc. and Ph.D.) students