Machine Learning in Robotics

Course Description

In this seminar, current topics and methods of machine learning with application in robotics are discussed. In particular, we focus on new developments in deep learning applications – namely robot vision, cognitive-developmental tasks, and multimodal learning– in humanoid robotics. To pass this course, the students should develop machine learning models with robot datasets, propose team projects, presents results in oral presentations and written reports.

Update: According to HU's summer semester policy and due to Covid-19, the lectures, assignments, and presentations will be held online via Zoom.


Some experience with machine learning, programming, and robotics is required. Although we will not assume that you have an extensive background in these fields, basic understanding below-listed items will be necessary to follow the content of the course.

During the first weeks of the course, we will point out supplementary resources to introduce the bare minimum requirements of the course. Additionally, we will arrange tutorial sessions on machine learning engineering to introduce common tools and practices to develop machine learnign pipelines and deploy the machine learning models into simulated robot platforms.


Upon completion of this seminar course, students will be able to:


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